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My name is Jenn Mitchell and I am an experienced graphic designer, website designer, fine artist and writer with over 20+ years experience. Over the past 4+ years, I have also focused on providing top-notch public relations, social media management and digital marketing planning to best serve musicians and businesses around the globe.


Given my diverse range of experience and talents, I've been called upon by a multitude of clients who've enlisted my services for professional graphics, promotional and marketing jobs. Many have described what I offer as a "one stop promo shop". Read client recommendations HERE.


If you are a band or business seeking exceptional, efficient, quality services but you don't have the time, One Stop Promo Shop will handle everything for you! Call Jenn at 847-749-2835 for a free consultation, or submit your request via our form. Together we'll create a customized business plan that works for you!

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