JOHN  BISAHA - The Babys -  Official Site 


I first met Jenn through a mutual friend on a radio podcast. I had just been interviewed by our friend in studio, and we were listening to the playback, with online listeners chiming in. 
You know how social media works - we immediately became FB friends, where I came to know that Jenn was a classic/metal rock aficionado. I also found out that she hosted her own syndicated podcast(s) and rock report that many stations carried. 
Jenn requested an interview - which of course I accepted. Becoming a new singer in a well known classic rock band had a need for promotion and publicity. During our interview - it was apparent that we had an 'on air' chemistry. So Jenn invited me to co-host a weekly two-hour podcast. Was a complete blast. 
During our time of co-hosting together - I came to realize that Jenn had quite a lot of tools in her bag. She was an accomplished artist, and regularly created artwork for herself, her show and others - in an extremely timely and creative way. In fact - I noticed others emulating her artwork in their ads. She also was a web designer - and has come to build several websites for myself and other acts out there. Since we had our podcast - I knew she had a great voice - so performing voice overs was common place. And she also edited the shows that we did, adding a nice flavor to the show that moved it right along, and had a nice mix of humor and information. Plus - since she had been writing, producing, tracking and editing interviews from many names acts through the years - enabled her to have a wealth of knowledge, contacts and inter-workings of 'the business'.
I thought Jenn to be the perfect one stop shop for anything a band or brand would need to be in the public eye - artwork, social media expertise, web site knowledge, studio savvy, industry knowledge with contacts and wherewithal to communicate effectively - you name it. Jenn's got it! Since bringing Jenn onto The Babys promotional team, every facet of our social media, web experience and brand awareness has increased many fold. Jenn heads up all of The Babys artwork, social media/web sites, and promotion. We've conducted dozens of interviews the past several months, and were even featured in an on-air television segment promoting our show. First time The Babys had been on TV in decades! Jenn makes things happen.
In Jenn you get a committed, detail oriented person, who tirelessly works on your behalf. Jenn is ultra responsive and motivated to get you where you need to be. I strongly endorse Jenn! You will too!


ANNABELLE GURWITCH- Author/ Actress / Comedian / Activist - Official Site


Thanks Jenn Mitchell for your wonderful work stepping in to do updates on my website and great ideas on future improvements. If you're looking for someone who does great work - look no further! Thanks Facebook for connecting us.








MIKE TRAMP- Solo Artist/ White Lion- Official Site


I am extremely pleased with the work Jenn has done for me, and there’s no question she knows her craft well.
I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.




TONY BROCK- Silver Dreams Studios/ The Babys/ Rod Stewart- Official Site


This is my personal opinion of Miss Jenn Mitchell. She has given me her precious time, with incredible efficiency for my musical career, including for my band, THE BABYS and my studio, Silver Dreams Studios in Los Angeles. I am personally amazed at how professional her work is, including her ability to have all of it done within a more than timely fashion.


I can only say that her work ethic and character have spoken for themselves, as she has taken all that I have asked of her and pushed it all to a level I couldn’t have received from some of the best people I know in the business.




TERRY ILOUS- Solo Artist/ Great White- Official Site


Jenn Mitchell helped me set interviews for a project I had and she did a great job . She is a very dedicated to her and clients-
that's for sure.








SAM 'SPADE' MORRIS- 3D In Your Face/ The Midnight Devils- Official Site


I have had the great pleasure of working with Jenn Mitchell on a number of occasions dating back to 2013 when she hosted her own internet radio show.  I reached out to her and set up a Skype interview. Jenn was one of the most professional radio personalities I’ve ever worked with. She did her homework about our band and was insightful, inquisitive, and most of all promptly on time.  In this industry being on time for an interview is a pretty big deal. She even created internet graphics to promote our radio interview.


After getting to know Jenn and her love of music she told me that she was also a graphic designer.  I commissioned her to do a promotional flyer for the band as we were looking for something cutting edge with a professional feel.  I was immediately blown away by her layout and design.  Again she did her homework and gave the promotional flyer our unique feel and aesthetic.  After those first two encounters I told the rest of the guys in our band that I didn’t want anyone else handling our graphics except for Jenn.


Since then she has done more flyers, internet graphics, and the giant stage banner we still use to this day.  Every time I send her a message she responds quickly and there is never any hassle, even with the hardest request.  The 8 x 15 foot banner we had made was a last minute project and she even called the sponsors to go over the graphic dimensions to make sure everything was perfect.  Her graphics stand toe to toe with any other professional’s in the industry and that’s why we only us her.  Jenn has always gone above and beyond with every project I have given her and her work proves it.  Most importantly Jenn is dedicated and passionate about what she does which is a rare quality in this day.


DALE LENDRUM- Host of Papa D's Audio Planet on KBeach Radio- Official Site


If you are reading these words, the forces of art and creativity have beckoned you. Whether by desire or necessity, for profit or pleasure, product or passion, you have found yourself in need of someone who can take the vision in your head, or upon your heart, and bring it to life. Thusly, you find yourself reading a stranger’s words in the hopes they may bring you confidence in whom you will entrust to bring what you envision, to life. I’ll go a step further, Jenn Mitchell will not only bring your vision to life, she’ll bring life to your vision in the process. Even if you are not sure what you envision.


My name is Dale Lendrum and I host “Papa D’s Audio Planet” on Award Winning Kbeach Radio. Kbeach Radio proudly broadcasts from the campus of California State University, Long Beach. Student owned and operated, we are ranked third in the nation of all university stations. We even have our own graphics department that does all of our station and show graphics at no cost. But for the past two years, I have gone to Jenn Mitchell for all of my promotional. Paying out of pocket because her work is that good and because she brings a passion to her work I find lacking in today’s market. I have everyone from garage bands to Grammy award winners on my show. That don’t make a difference to Jenn, she treat’s every artist as though they were Grammy winners. And she’ll do the same for you.


I know this isn’t your typical letter of recommendation. But Jenn’s not typical. She’s a gift. She treats every project as if it were her own. As if her event, concert, business venture, etc., depended on it. Her work is her signature. So take a chance on the words of a stranger; you’re not taking a chance with Jenn Mitchelll. 


JOEY SYKES- Solo Artist/ Honey River/ The Babys/ Purple Virgo Records- Official Site


I am endorsing Jenn Mitchell, who is a talented, hard working, one stop shop for art/promotions/PR/ and social media management machine.


Her multi skill set, combined with meticulous detail along with hours of valuable time spent on whatever project she is working on is a great asset to any project, be it a band, solo artist, company, etc. Some of the areas that she excels in are graphic arts, web design, press releases, You Tube videos, social media marketing, public relations, and so much more. If you need help in any of these areas, plus much more, contact Jenn Mitchell.



KENNY WILKERSON- Nova Rex- Official Site


I've worked with Jenn Mitchell for the last two years on various projects.  She has done many ads and banners for our band and always makes us look top notch.  She is very easy to work with and creative as well as fast and professional with a great sense of humor.  She has also helped us with various social media and has even obtained some interviews for us across on the country with radio and print.

I would definitely recommend Jenn Mitchell for all your promotional needs!




CYRUS WEBB- Host of #Conversations Live/ Media Personality-  Official Site


I had the opportunity to work with with Jenn in booking guests for Conversations LIVE. She not only made sure her clients were ready for the segments but created graphics to help promote them as well. Definitely not something that all publicists do, but her follow-up was something I appreciated as a host. She was definitely great to work with and is someone I look at as a reliable ally in the industry.





CHRIS AKIN- Author/ Co-Host of The Classic Metal Show- Official Site


As a journalist and a radio personality, one of the biggest concerns when working with a publicist is their follow through. With an overabundance of publicists out there that consider the job done when they have a full plate of interviews scheduled, it's more and more rare to find a more dedicated and professional publicist than Jenn Mitchell.
Jenn doesn't merely schedule interviews. She works tirelessly to ensure that every part of the interaction goes smoothly. When working with Jenn on promotion of the last tour for The Babys, Jenn went out of her way to help our show develop a showcase with the band instead of a simple and stale experience. Not only did she work through developing this showcase, but she followed through with promotional graphics for it's run dates, and invited our staff to the local show as a "thank you" for the coverage.
It's this kind of extra effort that Jenn Mitchell does that will guarantee that my staff will cover anything she works. Whether it's a seasoned act or a unknown newcomer, our staff will always be willing to work with Jenn, because we know we'll get the respect and attention any organization is due when asked to help promote her artists.

BILL BEAN- Author/ Spiritual Deliverance Minister/ Exorcist- Official Site


I highly recommend Jenn Mitchell for her great services that she provides. I have hired her for various tasks over the  years, and I'm both very satisfied and  impressed  with her work. She's a great person who's dependable, very talented, dedicated, loyal, trust-worthy, and she tirelessly works to ensure that the project is completed on time.  She has handled both promotional graphics for my business as also arranged several interviews so I could promote my books.
Jenn is committed to excellence and this is why I continue to hire her for my projects.

FORREST ROBINSON- Delta Deep/ Angelique Kidjo/ The Ne'er Duwels-  Official Site


I have been a fan of the work of Jenn Mitchell since 2015. She has a legitimate background in Fine Arts Education as well as natural skills as a painter and graphic designer. Jenn has the skill and vision to create custom backdrop poster designs for stage, specifically tailored to affect the look and concept of any show or stage presentation upon sight. Her website designs provide that desired eye-catching “lift” to the image of any person, corporation, institution, or entertainer. I must also add that Jenn is great at paying acute attention to detail in her work. And she is very cooperative when it comes to listening to and learning what her clients need in order to produce exemplary results that lead towards their success.
I personally look forward to working with Jenn Mitchell in the very near future for my own personal website design. I confidently recommend Jenn Mitchell to anyone in need of her skills as a graphic designer.

JEREMY SCHERLE- Regional Entertainment News/ Jeremy Scherle Productions/ Podcaster/ Photographer-  Official Site


I have had a good working relationship with Jenn Mitchell. She is very reliable and great to work with when it comes to arranging interviews with some of the artists she has represented (like The Babys and Terry Ilous of the Great White and XYZ). Jenn also does amazing work when it comes to graphic designs and logos for bands and companies. I personally got her to work on different business logos for me. I would highly recommend Jenn for any project you are seeking. You will not be disappointed in her work and skills. 

BOB SCHMIDT- Host of B.S. with Bob Schmidt on Today's Talk 1490 WLFN-  Official Site


I have had the pleasure of working with Jenn Mitchell on a few projects for my radio program . She arranged interviews for Terry llous from Great White and also John Bisaha from The Babys to be guests on my show. Jenn has not only made the process of booking them easy to do, but also custom designed artwork for us to help promote their spots. She even had suprised me by having both Terry and John record special liners for the program. Terry even sung a liner for me!


Friendly, efficient, hassle-free PR is what you get with Jenn.



ARIE VAN DER GRAAF- Mike Tramp Fansite- Official Site


I give my recommendation to Miss Jenn Mitchell, a true chameleon in designing graphic art. It is a true pleasure working with her as she has designed several website headers for my Mike Tramp Fansite, as well as promotional banners for


Jenn is very easy to work with. She exactly understands what a customers needs are and delivers spot on! I love to work with her because of her quick response, great quality and good prices.


I also got to know her for her great work in artist promotion as she arranged various interview and review possibilities for


The bottom line is: Jenn delivers promotion and art straight from the heart!

JOHN NOWINSKY- Arm The Pit- Official Site


I've know Jenn for awhile now and am always amazed by her ability to take my random "What I need is this I think" and create a graphic matching what's in my head that I wasn't able to make it clear verbally. An example is my Arm The Pit website which needed a refresh and I had no idea what I needed. I reached out to Jenn. Jenn took it upon herself to look at the website and within a few hours created all new graphics for the site which was just what it needed.


I totally recommend Jenn if you need art and graphics. She can take your random thoughts of what you think you need and come up with something that meets your expectation and does it in timely manner.

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